We are a non traditional outsourcing company providing services which include virtual assistant, recuirtment services, and consultancy services to help businesses improve efficiency and reduce costs by hiring at a fraction of the cost of an in-office employee.  We act as an extension of your workforce. Outsource your positions with us.

Edgardo Jaramillo

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

At Rollback Ally, we empower businesses like yours. We are a team of passionate leaders driven by a singular mission: to empower businesses to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Led by our CEO, Edgardo Jaramillo, a seasoned business administrator with over a decade of experience in operations management and strategic planning. Edgardo’s expertise in leading complex projects and fostering high-performing teams allows us to develop and implement solutions that ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

Juan D'Andrea

Chief Operating Officer

Our COO, Juan D’Andrea, brings over 10 years of experience as an Industrial Engineer with a proven track record of generating value for diverse companies. Juan’s vast knowledge in project execution, supply chain optimization, and continuous improvement methodologies empowers us to streamline operations and create a foundation for sustainable growth.

Together, with our dedicated team of specialists, we leverage our combined expertise to offer comprehensive virtual assistant and staffing services. We go beyond traditional outsourcing by functioning as an extension of your workforce. We are committed to being your trusted partner in building a more efficient and cost-effective business.

Where are our allies located?

Our company is based in Miami, USA, having our remote operations branch in Colombia, South America.

We chose Colombia due to the accessibility of highly skilled and competitive talent, with Americanized culture and high English fluency in addition to time zone proximity (Eastern time zone), robust infrastructure, connectivity, and technology-savvy culture.

Why us?

We understand that your business is constantly expanding and that you need to focus on core tasks and processes as well as reduce overhead costs. We know you must have the structure in place to be able to scale.

That’s why we connect you with highly qualified Allies allowing you to be part of the selection process and providing a whole team that is looking over your operation to make sure it is as efficient as possible.

Let us be an extension of your workforce.

Join us in outsourcing so you can focus on growing your company. We’ll provide you everything you require, including recruitment solutions, virtual assistant services, and consulting to help companies reduce costs and increase efficiency by hiring remote workers at a fraction of the price of on-site staff.

The ultimate staffing partner for all your needs

We are here to make your life easier by providing solutions.