Nearshore Outsourcing Company 


Assisting Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Size Business with Back Office Support, Customer Sales, and Sales Development with non-core business tasks and processes 

We act as an extension of your workforce for a fraction of the cost.

Why we do
What we do...

Nobody said starting a business was easy. Scaling a business? Even harder…

There is a great idea where the gut feeling and the numbers are there; the business starts and it seems to be getting off the ground, yet there comes a point where something is not letting it grow smoothly. Sometimes business owners are afraid to hire because of everything it entails: time, training, fear of hiring wrong, management, more overhead, and so on. 

Focus your Time on Why the business was started in the first place. Focus on growing, if that is what you are looking for. This is Why we are here, we have been there and we want to make a difference.

So, this is what we do...

We are a dedicated nearshore outsourcing ally here to help entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses focus and scale by taking care of their noncore daily business tasks and processes at a substantially lower price.

As partners, we work together to reach success.

How we do What we do

Where are our
allies located?

Our company is based in Miami, USA, having our remote operations branch in Colombia, South America.

We chose Colombia due to the accessibility of highly skilled and competitive talent, with Americanized culture and high English fluency in addition to time zone proximity (Eastern time zone), robust infrastructure, connectivity, and technology-savvy culture.

We have different types of a Allies

Admin Ally

Schedule management

Email management

Research/Generate reports

Invoicing and collections

Purchasing/Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable

Operational Ally

Data entry

Order processing

Logistics (dispatch, track & trace)

Customer Service

Social Media Management

Customer Service / Sales Ally

Client Relations

Omnichannel - Voice/email/chat


Appointment Scheduling

Document Filing

Tailored Ally

Tailored Ally: Tailor your Ally tasks according to your specific needs

Some of our partners

We understand how, at the beginning of every opportunity that turns into a business, Entrepreneurs do everything from selling to operating to invoicing. Being entrepreneurs at heart and by experience, we noticed how although this is the right way to start and grow, there comes a time when doing everything becomes counter-productive. The business owner’s main goal is to oversee and GROW THE BUSINESS! At a specific moment in the business life cycle, everyday tasks take up way too much valuable time that has to be dedicated elsewhere. Do not be afraid of seeking assistance, we are here to provide an affordable dedicated service and help you focus on the most important thing: growing your business. Impact your bottom line by rolling back those costs while at the same time focusing and expanding. We are here to assist, relieve time and energy and help you focus. We are your perfect Ally and are willing to go to war with you.

Welcome to Rollback Ally.

-Letter from our Founding Allies

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